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Our entire practice is dedicated exclusively to fighting for people injured in auto accidents and families that have endured the wrongful death of a loved one.

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Never Say Never


For more than 20 years, our client worked diligently serving others as a patient care technician.  She loved the satisfaction of knowing that what she did helped to make the lives of others more comfortable. While the work was physically and emotionally demanding and the hours were long, she loved it. Unfortunately, in less than 30 seconds, the negligence of a large furniture company and its driver took her career away from her.

Our client learned what many injured people learn far too late. Not all lawyers have the experience, tenacity or resources to fight big companies.  For more than a year, her case lingered with another lawyer. The company denied liability and refused to make a settlement offer.  Shortly before her statute of limitations expired, our client and her husband decided to hire The Washington Firm. We immediately did what should have been done nearly two years earlier. We obtained a complete history of the vehicle, we conducted thorough background checks on the driver and we deposed company officials. We uncovered what we believed to be dangerous internal policies. We worked closely with an economist to make sure the jury could fully understand how the negligence of the company and its driver impacted our client.

The furniture company that told the other lawyer and The Washington Firm that they would never pay, ultimately settled the case for $750,000. After paying lots of outstanding medical bills for her knee surgeries, legal fees and case expenses our client received more than $281,000.

After seeing the hundreds of hours dedicated to the case and seeing the more than $23,847 we spent on investigators, economists, videographers and court reporters, our client commented that the other lawyer would have never spent the time and money required to secure justice for her and her family.