What Makes Us Different

We care about people. It is important for us to see those who trust us and to help them through rough periods in life as people and not just clients.


Tara S

When my daughter and I were hit by another driver I had no idea what to do about the hospital bills and all the time I missed from work. My sister recommended the Washington Firm. They did an outstanding job. They got my car fixed, all bills paid and several thousand dollars in my pocket. Two years later we were hit again when another driver ran a red light. I called the Washington Firm immediately and they went to work getting my car fixed, getting my daughter’s hospital bills paid and again putting several thousand dollars in my pocket.

Kenneth C.

I had another lawyer before hiring the Washington Firm. That lawyer didn’t believe in my case and wanted me to settle for a deal that I didn’t want. I hired The Washington Firm and Nate and Katrina did a lot of research and got my case ready. We went trial and after three days later the jury returned a verdict in my favor.

Troy C.

I was walking and was run over by a vehicle. The police report said it was my fault. I tried to handle the case on my own, but the insurance company did not want to pay me. I hired The Washington Firm and the insurance company paid me the full amount of that driver’s policy.

Tommy S

A drunk driver hit me on my way to work. My car was totaled, I missed a lot of time from work and I had a lot of hospital bills. I thought because the other driver was drunk his insurance company would pay immediately. That was not the case. They denied my claim and refused to pay anything until I hired the Washington Firm. They went to work and the insurance company ended up paying me four times more than I requested before I hired the Washington Firm.

John T

My case was difficult, so we had no choice but to go trial. Nate spent several days getting my case ready. He even met with me and other witnesses on Saturdays and Sundays. Once we got to trial, it was clear to me that he was at home in the courtroom and knew exactly what he was doing. At the end of the trial, the jury returned a verdict in my favor. Two of the jurors asked Nate for his business card.

Stacey P

The Washington Firm was very thorough and they got me a lot of money.

Shandra W.

My daughter and I were hit by a distracted driver. My brother-in-law recommended the Washington Firm. I called the Washington Firm. They got all of my bills paid and more than $45,000 in my pocket.

Elaine S

I slipped in an oil spot at discount store. I was hurt really bad and missed a lot of time from work. The store and their insurance company delayed and delayed. They did not want to pay. I hired the Washington Firm and they sued on my behalf. I ended up with a six-figure settlement.

Ann D.

On Thanksgiving Day 2007, I was hit by a drunk driver. The insurance company refused to pay. I hired the Washington Firm and collected the full balance of the other driver’s insurance policy. In 2009, I was hit by another drunk driver. I hired the Washington Firm again and I ended up with a new car and several thousand dollars in my pocket.

Izak G.

I’ve practiced law for more than 35 years. Nate’s voir dire is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Juror’s love him.

Raquel J. // Former Insurance Defense Attorney

I’ve tried over a hundred a cases against many of the best lawyers in DFW. Nate is by far one of the best trial lawyers I’ve ever seen. He is going to know the case like the back of his hand and the jurors are going to love him. Bring your A game.

James W.

Attorney Washington~ I was a juror on the trial that concluded today. I want to personally commend you for the stellar job you did representing your client but most importantly effectively upholding the standard of Texas Law. You sir are one of the best attorneys that I have had the privilege to listen and witness conduct business in a court of law. Your professionalism, knowledge and impeccable representation were superb! May God continue to bless you and your family abundantly.

Brenda P.

I sat on a jury for three days. I learned a lot about the law and lawyers. Katrina was incredible. She was thorough, well-prepared and powerful. I was ready to give her anything she asked for after the first day. I just trusted her.