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Our entire practice is dedicated exclusively to fighting for people injured in auto accidents and families that have endured the wrongful death of a loved one.

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Distracted & Texting While Driving

Every year thousands of Americans are injured and killed as a result of distracted driving.  When you suspect that another driver was distracted by texting or using a mobile device such a cellular phone or computer, call The Washington Firm immediately. Many cell phone carriers delete text records 30 to 60 days after the messages were sent or received. In order to maximize your compensation, it may be necessary to subpoena records or contact cellular phone carries right away in order to have records preserved. In many cases, this cannot be done without a properly issued subpoena.

Once cell phone records are obtained, it is important for the attorney representing you and your family to know how to use that information. It is no secret that insurance companies routinely pay less to injured people when they know the attorney on the other side has little to no trial experience. At The Washington Firm, our attorneys are trial lawyers. Collectively, Nate and Katrina Washington have tried more than 100 cases to judges and juries. We have received jury verdicts and court rulings in favor of our clients on various matters including multi-million dollar civil suits. If you have been injured by a driver distracted by texting, talking or web-surfing, call The Washington Firm. Whether you live in Oklahoma City, Fort Worth or Dallas, we are ready to protect your rights and get you the money you deserve.