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Our entire practice is dedicated exclusively to fighting for people injured in auto accidents and families that have endured the wrongful death of a loved one.

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Drunk Driving Accidents

Unfortunately, thousands of Oklahomans and Texans are injured or killed each year due to drunk driving. As a former Assistant District Attorney, Nate Washington prosecuted hundreds of drunk drivers. Today, The Washington Firm uses those unique skills and experience on behalf of Dallas, Fort Worth and Oklahoma City drivers that have been injured by drunk drivers. We have specialized skills and experience detecting signs of intoxication, evaluating standardized field sobriety tests and cross-examining intoxicated drivers. We are experienced with both the criminal and civil penalties for DWI drivers and we use that knowledge to benefit our clients. We have successfully represented many drivers injured by drunk drivers and recovered large sums of money from drunk drivers, their insurance carriers and the bars that served alcohol to the drunk drivers.

As with most cases, it is important to hire attorneys experienced with DWI accidents and DWI fatalities immediately following an alcohol or drug related accident or injury. While most people assume that the insurance company will make a fair settlement offer once it has been determined that their policy holder was intoxicated, that is simply not the case. Some insurance companies even try to blame the injured person for the injuries caused by the intoxicated drivers. Other insurance companies try to use delay tactics knowing that important evidence such as videos of intoxicated drivers are often destroyed once the criminal cases have been finalized.

In order to make sure you are fully and fairly compensated, you need to hire attorneys with DWI experience. At The Washington Firm, our attorneys, paralegals and investigators have significant experience prosecuting and investigating cases involving intoxicated drivers. Call us today to experience the difference real trial lawyers can make.